Dead Poetic Singer Brandon Rike Returns With Project At Night We Strike

At Night We Strike

Dead Poetic singer Brandon Rike is back on the music scene with his new project At Night We Strike, who just released their single “DNR (Still Need More).” The song is released in honor of the band’s member Lucas Starr, also the founding bassist of Oh, Sleeper, who passed away two years ago.

“Blessed is the fighter, who’s destined to perish but still, he will not fade,” At Night We Strike shared on social media. “Two years ago we lost Lucas Starr to cancer, but his legacy will not fade.”

Brandon Rike expanded on the project’s origin on his personal Instagram. “There’s a lot to say about @atnightwestrike – the ongoing music project that I’ve worked on with Lucas Starr @lucasstarr , Ryan Sprague @pavlov_ryan , and producer Andy Gomoll @andygomoll,” he shared. “We started this in 2012, as a side/passion project for us to experiment with sending song elements back and forth. It became an artistic outlet for all of us. Lucas was the main writer for all of it, and with his tragic passing two years ago, we are inspired by him to pick up the pieces and see if we can pursue it in his honor. It will not be quick, but we will be sure it will be something Lucas would be proud of. New song “DNR (Still Need More)” is on streaming platforms today, and is our tribute to Lucas, his fight with cancer, and his creativity.”

The track itself is a haunting alt rock lament, fronted by Rike’s otherworldly vocals. The staticky, sharp percussion provides the backbone for a song that drifts through contemplative riffs and a keen melody. You can listen to the song below.

It’s unclear if there will be further music from At Night We Strike. Since Dead Poetic’s dissolution in 2007, Brandon Rike has been heading up the design and art direction company Tension Division, with his skills responsible for the art behind albums from bands like twenty one pilots, Underoath, Beartooth, Starset, and Korn.

You can follow At Night We Strike for potential future music on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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