Disciple Releases Cover of “Mary Did You Know”

Disciple gave their Patreon supporters a treat when they released an acoustic cover of “Mary Did You Know” to their Patreon fans, and as a special Christmas gift, the band also made the video public for the whole world to see. Patreon supporters received an MP3 download of the song as well as the video performance of the song on the Patreon platform.

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and Disciple’s version is probably my all-time favorite. Kevin Young’s vocals are so powerful and propel the message of the song to listeners. His ability to run the spectrum musically is astounding. The rock sound in his voice (even on an acoustic track) is a nice element to this song. Josiah Prince on guitars, and Joey West on drums add musicality and a seamless blend that you don’t hear in other versions of this song. When the guitar runs come in before the bridge, it adds more of a rock, poignant element that encompasses the passion of the Christmas story and true meaning of the song. This version will definitely be on repeat even past Christmas.

You can become part of Disciple’s Patreon community The Rebel Society at patreon.com/disciplerocks. For more from Disciple, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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