Ignescent Releases New Single “Goodbye”

Goodbye Ignescent Cover

On the new single “Goodbye” from Ignescent, frontwoman Jennifer Benson brings powerful, driving vocals to match the rest of the band.

The current Ignescent lineup for this new track is Jose Jimenez on rhythm guitar, Ian Sebastian on bass, and Ben Silverman on drums. “Goodbye” is a fascinating blend of musicality. It starts out ominous, but then the driving guitars, drums and vocals kick in. Benson’s vocals are poignant as she drives the chorus to listeners:

You haven’t seen the last of me
You make me want to die
With every tear I cry
This is not my last goodbye

The vocals with the instrumentation meld well together. It is powerful song that references our occasional self-loathing, but shares that we can be transformed and die to ourselves through Christ. The song could take on many meanings, which the driving guitars and Benson’s vocals draw listeners in to discover for themselves.

The bridge is equally powerful:

You stab your life right through me
He pour his life right into me
…This is not my last goodbye

Save and purchase “Goodbye” on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon. Follow Ignescent on Facebook and Instagram for more music news.

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