Indie Artist Spotlight: Introducing Aseity

We are kicking off a new year and by introducing a brand new metal band, hailing from North Carolina. Aseity is exploding out of the starting blocks in 2021 by dropping a fierce and heavy debut single, “Losing Myself,” and a corresponding concept video.

We had the opportunity to chat with lead vocalist Monica Soe about Aseity, the metal genre, faith, and the new single.

Tell us about your band: what the name means and your story of becoming a band, who are your members and what role do each of you play?

Monica:  Aseity means “From Nothing.” This is a project that I’ve been wanting to get started on for a long time, and in 2020 I teamed up with another musician in the scene to accomplish my dream.

Who are some of your musical influences? Describe your overall sound that we should expect from Aseity?

Monica:  As a vocalist I’m heavily influenced by Amy Lee of Evanescence. Musically, the project is influenced by Veil of Maya, Architects, and Spiritbox. You should expect heavy music with powerful vocals.

One of your first posts on social media back in March included a number of scripture verses. What role does faith play in your music?

Monica: Faith has played a huge role in my life personally. I’ve been through a lot in life, and I highly doubt I’d be alive if it weren’t for God. In my music, faith is something that gives me the drive to do this project. 

Hardcore/metal is a bit of a fringe genre, even in rock and roll circles. What about metal is alluring to you? What made you decide to start Aseity as a metal band?

Monica: Metal is a genre that I was sort of thrown into when I was about 11 or 12 years old, thanks to a local venue at the time. It gave me an escape, and I was hooked from then on out. Metal used to be a genre for those that feel alone, rebellious, or needed an outlet, so Aseity is exactly that.

Alright, let’s talk about the single, “Losing Myself.” I have to know, first of all, why January 1? It is such a great way to start off the new year with a banger of a song!

Monica: Originally, I wanted to release the song before winter of 2020. Well, nothing ever goes as planned, so it kept getting pushed out. Eventually I had to choose a final date and I thought “2020 was a rough year for people, but we’re going to change that for 2021.”  We’re kicking off the new year saying “this is going to be a great year.”

What is “Losing Myself” about lyrically? What inspired the song?

Monica:  Long story short, I’ve been singing most of my life, and I lost my voice in 2019 due to health issues. I thought my voice was gone forever, and depression ensued. This song came from that feeling. 

The song is as heavy as expected with both clean and unclean vocals and thrashing yet riffy guitars. Tell us more about what went into the recording process and overall composition of the song?

Monica: It started out with me banging on my piano and then presenting that mess to the composer I’m working with. We demoed out a couple versions of this song until we felt it was an honest representation of who we are and where we want to go without confining ourselves to one subgenre or style. 

The video is amazing too, very high quality. Where was the video filmed and who directed it, and what is the overall vibe you are hoping to portray in the video?

Monica: It was actually filmed and directed here in North Carolina, mostly in my house and part of downtown, by Jaiden Frost. In the video, there’s two different things happening: me singing in a smoky room and a dark figure following me in town. The figure is supposed to represent depression, fear, anxiety, etc. It’s always there, following me. I’m afraid of it, but soon realize I have the ability to control it and defeat it. The smoky room, glammed up versions of myself, is my fogged up mind.

Now that you’ve got that first single out there, what are your plans to follow that up in 2021? 

Monica:  We’re currently writing more singles, and we have plans to do other music videos that possibly tie into “Losing Myself.”

Where can fans follow you on social media, YouTube, and find your music?

Monica: There are a few ways you can follow us, @aseityband on both Facebook and Instagram. My personal instagram page (that I always forget to post on haha) @aseitymon. You’ll find us on YouTube as Aseity Band. We are on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major music outlets.

Last but never least, I always like to find out how fans can best support you at this time. How can we be praying for you and tangibly how can we help the band, financially (like Patreon) or through merch/store?

Monica: Well, praying for us to have funds is always welcome because recording is NOT cheap! Especially if you guys want to hear more music from us! We actually do have a website where you can buy merch, which is honestly the most helpful thing people can do right now.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. Can’t wait to hear more from Aseity!

Thank you so much for featuring me on your website!

Find “Losing Myself” on Spotify and Apple Music.


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