Ashley Worhol Releases “Listen to the Wind”

Ashley Worhol

Ashley Worhol, the vocalist for Worhol the Band, recently released the single “Listen to the Wind.”

Worhol’s voice holds an ethereal quality that blends a “new age” element, similar to Enya blended with a rock sound similar to Amy Lee of Evanescence. The classical music backing is haunting, mixing well with Ashley’s unique vocal sound. It takes the listener on a journey, and as the video shows below, it has almost a fantasy story feel. It reminds me of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or C.S. Lewis’s Narnia: tales of battles, other worlds, and fantasy.

Ashley Worhol wrote this song as an expression of what it is like to deal with anxiety. She said,

“Listen to the Wind” is extremely personal to me because I wrote this song using myself as an experiment. I struggle with anxiety almost on a daily basis and wanted to compose something that would physically make me feel relief. Anytime I would start to have an attack, I would go to the piano and play different chords and melodies to see if any of them physically made me feel better. Which, I found some that did. Once I realized what helped calm my emotions, I knew I wanted to write this song in hopes it might also help heal others who struggle with anxiety as well. Not only did I want to compose a song but I also wanted to show in art form what my anxiety feels like visually.

This is what led to the filming of the music video for this emotional song. I took this time to be vulnerable and truly showed what heals me, which is nature, and what I feel physically when these attacks occur. There’s an overwhelming feeling of darkness, suffocation, a sense of drowning and emotional draining that I incorporated into this music video while also showcasing the beauty of nature which is the source of my healing.”

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