Jon Foreman Releases First Three Songs from Upcoming Album ‘Departures’

Jon Foreman Departures

Jon Foreman has released the first three songs from his upcoming solo album Departures. The songs are “Education,” “Red and Gold,” and “Jesus, I Have My Doubts,” and the full album will be following on February 12.

“When it feels like my world is collapsing around me, music helps to remind me of a bigger story. Music is my way of singing into these storms. With that in mind, I am thankful to have new songs to sing,” Jon Foreman shared with fans. “Departures is an album born out of the turmoil and desperation of the last year, (and this year, too). It’s an album that’s born from the journey, not the destination.”

The songs feel prophetic and prescient in a way that has become Jon Foreman’s signature as a songwriter. “Education” is a quirky folk-leaning tune about all the things we learn through the process of loving and losing others: “Here’s an education that you can’t pay for: how to get back in the fight / Here’s an education that you can’t pay for: how to say goodbye.

“Red and Gold” is a song of shared wonder, with vividly poetic lyrics and gentle instrumentation. “Jesus, I Have My Doubts” is a prayer made striking by the fact that historically, Jon Foreman has approached the topics of divinity and incarnation with care, rarely referring to Jesus by name. Here, the prayer is powerfully personalized by its directness, offering a keen confession that is perfectly timed in current events:

Jesus, what a week we’vе had
Jesus, has the world gone mad?
Jesus, feels like the world’s in pieces
I’m sure You’ve got Your reasons
But I’ve got my doubts

If these three songs are any indication, the upcoming album from Jon Foreman is likely to continue his soul-searching exploration on the themes of faith, love, and doubt.

Destinations preorder packages are available at You can follow Jon Foreman on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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