Project 86 Prepares for Drawing Black Lines Livestream

Project 86 Drawing Black Lines Livestream

Project 86 is gearing up for a special event later this week that will celebrate their landmark album Drawing Black Lines. The concert will feature the album played in its entirety, live-streamed to viewers on January 15. Fans who purchase VIP tickets will get access to an acoustic, storytelling-centered hangout session on January 14.

Drawing Black Lines was originally released over twenty years ago in March of 2000 with BEC Records. Ultimately, the album would propel Project 86 to an Atlantic Records deal and legend status in the alternative rock scene. This week’s performance is meant to celebrate the album, and the fans who have listened to and loved it over the past two decades.

A limited run of celebratory merch has been released to accompany the stream. Tickets to access the stream will be available for 72 hours after the event (allowing fans to watch it during that window on demand if they can’t attend Friday night). Merch orders will only be accepted through the end of the day on January 15. You can find all the available packages at

Project 86 has been reminiscing on the album’s creation through posts on Facebook over the past few weeks, which has been prompting fans to share their own memories as well. The band has also transparently shared about their COVID-19 precautions, taken to ensure everyone can celebrate safely. You can keep up with all things Project 86 by following them on Instagram and Twitter as well.

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