This Surrender Releases Heavy-Hitting “Anchored”

This Surrender James Franchise

This Surrender released a heavy hitting song titled “Anchored” on January 12. This Surrender is fronted by James Franchise, and the song was birthed out of the sudden passing of his brother, Carlos Hildalgo Jr. The song is definitely a beautiful tribute, and a lament before God.

The juxtaposition musically in the song with the hard and melodic moments makes for a very poignant listening experience. Throughout the song, there are these conflicting emotions that one would come to God with especially after a loss. It is powerful and heavy. Anyone who has lost someone close to them can resonate with the emotions pouring throughout “Anchored.” James’s vocal ability is on display here, with melody balanced by the hardcore, heavy vocals.

Completing the songs are the lyrics, which display James’s lament over losing his brother. Part of the lyrics seem to be speaking directly to his brother:

I am wounded here
Without you
You have left me here
Without you

Was there more that I could’ve done?
Were there any words left unsaid?

And then other lyrics are a direct prayer to God:

I am shattered in so many pieces
They keep saying God will sustain me
But I don’t know if believe it

Hold me still as the seas roar
Be my shelter from the storm
As the wind rips my veil
Anchor my soul

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