The Midnight Wedding Announces Debut Album Release Date

The Midnight Wedding Anthem for the Outcast cover

The Midnight Wedding has announced that their debut album, Anthem for the Outcast, will be releasing on February 12.

The album follows three singles that have released over the past year: “I Swear,” “Set Me Free (feat Dawn Michele)” and “Enforcers (feat Kevin Young).” Anthem for the Outcast was cowritten and produced by Josiah Prince (Disciple) in partnership with The Midnight Wedding’s lead vocalists Brandon and Caitlin Trlak.

In a recent post on Facebook, Brandon shared more about the kind of heart that fans can expect to hear on this album: “He literally left the religious to find you. He gave up the church and Heaven just to find you. The one out of the 99 that is lost! He left them all where they were and wandered into your darkness just to find you! He came into your ruin and sat with you in your brokenness and pulled you from the muck and the mire! He left the righteous just to find the sinner, and all of Heaven celebrated!You’ve not been rejected by Heaven! You’ve not been outcasted by the Father! You’ve not been rejected by the Holy Spirit! Jesus drew a line in the sand for you between them, and then placed the cross in front of you!”

More information is coming soon about Anthem for the Outcast merch and CDs. In the meantime, you can keep up with The Midnight Wedding on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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