German Alt-Rock Activism: “In Too Deep” by Arson

In Too Deep Arson

Trying to pinpoint exactly who German rock band Arson sounds like is no easy task. Put together a seamless blend of alternative rock (a la 12 Stones), classic rock (Theocracy and Stryper), symphonic rock (Red and Starest), and a dash of just straight-up metal, and you have the sound that Arson produces in their single “In Too Deep.” While there is still refinement to be had in the band’s sound, the overall delivery hits in all the right places.

As a lyrical lament of the world that seems to be on a trajectory of self-destruction as it relates to our relative disregard for the planet’s health, “In Too Deep” calls listeners to a change in perspective. The song argues in favor of a perspective that holds to the biblical call for mankind to be good stewards of the earth. There’s a call to change rather than kicking the issue down the generational line. It’s a unique message that, frankly, isn’t talked about with enough honesty.

There is a sense of urgency to these lyrics, and the accompanying lyric video help to drive that immediacy. One of the most cutting lines in the track is: Behold, a pale horse is grinding its teeth through all the rubbish that you leave, and it chokes upon. Please don’t wash your hands of it.

Painting this song in an end-times brush was a bold move, but it paid off, and the way the band presented this kept the topic from seeming contrived or disingenuous. The consistency between their call to change the common perception about environmentalism is outstanding, and fits within a Christian framework nicely.

Currently, the band is in between albums, but they are actively working on producing new music. “In Too Deep” just came out after the first of the year, so it is definitely their freshest take– it will be interesting to see what comes next from this group.

Arson is very active on their Facebook, where they share updates about studio work and insights into their recording process, as well as announcing new music or videos. Their Instagram is just as active with the same kind of content, as well as some random videos just for fun. “In Too Deep” is available on all platforms (find them at

Similar Artists: Theocracy, Red, 12 Stones

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