Five Iron Frenzy Surprises Fans With New Album ‘Until This Shakes Apart’

Five Iron Frenzy surprised their fans this week with their first new album in seven year, titled Until This Shakes Apart.

The new album from the veteran ska band is 13 tracks long. Founder and frontman Reese Roper said “We all believe this is the best thing we’ve ever made as Five Iron Frenzy. Thank you for being part of this, and for sticking by us all these years. Here’s to 25 more years of us loving you guys!”

Until This Shakes Apart was the result of a wildly successful kickstarter campaign that saw the band pulling in over $280,000, proof that their dedicated fan following is still listening. As you would expect from a band who is known for taking a stab at surprisingly insightful social commentary beneath the cheerful bravado of their musical sound, Until This Shakes Apart is an album reflective of current events.

Five Iron Frenzy is a Denver-based ska band that has been a genre mainstay since 1995, known for all things quirky and unconventional. Five Iron Frenzy is comprised of members who have all developed different beliefs and perspectives in their 25 years as a band, but still view themselves as a family– a unique cohesion that leads to creative excellence. You can find Until This Shakes Apart on all platforms at, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

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