Remedy Drive Prepares to Cap off Human Trafficking Prevention Month with New Album

Imago Amor by Remedy Drive

Remedy Drive is preparing to cap off Human Trafficking Prevention Month in January with their new album Imago Amor, due out on January 29. The album will be their third that supports the counter-trafficking efforts of The Exodus Road.

Imago Amor was produced by original Remedy Drive member Philip Zach, who returned to work alongside his brother, Remedy Drive frontman David Zach. As with Commodity and The North Star, the album supports the work of The Exodus Road, but also thematically explores some of what David Zach has experienced and observed while working undercover in Southeast Asia and Latin America. “In my partnership with The Exodus Road these last eight years, I’ve witnessed traffickers attempt to strip the dignity, loveliness and the very humanity from women and teenagers,” David explains. “Our culture is filled with voices seeking to demonize and dehumanize some of the most vulnerable among us in our global community: the exiled, the marginalized and the oppressed. Imago Amor is our attempt to shine light into that darkness.”

The band has given fans a taste of what they can expect with the new song “Dragons,” a song that reveals the fight against human trafficking as a battle of light versus dark just as intense as the conflict between mythical heroes and monsters.

This album was supported by a kickstarter campaign. All of the merchandise created as rewards for the different preorder tiers was created in partnership with companies that are restoring trafficking victims. You can see more merchandise available through those partnerships at Over the years since Remedy Drive transformed their band into a counter-trafficking support operation, their work and the contributions of their fans has raised more than $350,000 towards the freedom work of The Exodus Road.

You can preorder Imago Amor at Follow Remedy Drive on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and learn more about The Exodus Road at

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