Relent Aims To Expose Church Hypocrisy With Latest Single “Think You Got It”

Relent Think You Got It Cover

2021 is off to a good start for Relent with the release of their latest single on January 29, titled “Think You Got It.”

Relent’s unique sound is a flawless blend of heavy rock, nu-metal and hip hop, with a clear and melodious chorus. They shared with their lyric video on YouTube that this song “comes from a place of frustration with hypocrisy and manipulation within the church. Too often these days, preachers and pastors are telling half-truths and blatant lies just to keep church-goers happy and continuing to give their tithes and offerings. It’s time for hardcore Christians to stand up and speak the truth, no matter the cost. The day is coming when the wolves in sheep’s clothing will be unmasked.”

I loved the outstandingly well-written and thought-provoking lyrics of the second verse: “I’m bringing spotlights to dark knights who act nice / It’s all game till they hit you with that throat slice / You wanted fame so you uttered the name / When it came time to act you’re the first one running…

Vocalist Gaston Flores nails the delivery with a convincing passion and grit. Although “Think You Got It” written to target church leaders, I think it is also worth looking inward and examining our personal intentions behind our faith, words, and actions.

Download and listen to “Think You Got It” here. Keep up with Relent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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