Battling Sickness: Saved By Skarlet Delivers Powerful Music Video

Saved by Skarlet

Faith-based metal artist Saved By Skarlet delivers a powerful message and a heavy hitting rocker in their latest music video.

“The Syndrome” is a song about battling chronic sickness and continuing to fight. According to the band on their YouTube channel, it “speaks to those who battle disease through powerful lyrics and heavy tones. We hope this song impacts you. The loss of a loved one can shake our world, but don’t ever forget the rock on which we stand. Don’t stop fighting, stay united, hold onto true faith, and embrace peace amidst the storm.”

Saved By Skarlet is a Christian hard rock band with metalcore influence located in North Smithfield, Rhode Island consisting of four passionate members. With powerful instrumental riffs, aggressive vocals, and faith inspired lyrics, Saved By Skarlet’s music seeks to deliver a message of hope in a broken world.

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