Paradise Now Releases Several New Videos to Social Media

Paradise Now has been busy in this unusal time for artists. They have been releasing things steadily on their social media platforms, as they said, “to keep creating.”

Recently, they released a piano version of their song “Criminal” from their Lockdown Mixtape EP. This is a beautiful rendition of this track. The vocals and melodies are intricately intertwined, and it provides a different perspective to the song. While the original version has more of an EDM feel, both have an otherwordly atmosphere in their own way. The piano version allows for a haunting aspect melodically and for the passion to come through vocally, especially when the chorus hits:

Look what you done to me, taken the fight outta me.
Standing still is crippling, I just wanna live again.
Look what you done to me, I can’t hide from everything.
Cause failures just a fall, I’m not a criminal.

View the piano version of “Criminal” below.

Paradise Now didn’t stop there. They followed up with a release of a live version of “Supernatural,” filmed on the Love Letter Killshot Tour with Disciple in Frankfort, KY. This just shows why Paradise Now has become a fast favorite with many listeners: they are energetic and provide musical content that is unique. They have a blend musically that draws the listener in, and this video only makes the desire to see them live again stronger.

They have teased a pending livestream show, with announcements forthcoming. Until then, satiate the desire by viewing “Supernatural” live:

Keep up to date with ParadiseNow on their Facebook and Instagram. Listen to their music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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