‘State of Me’ By Lacey Sturm: Vocal Depth, Hooky and Riff Music Highlight Latest Single

Lacey Sturm State of Me Cover

Lacey Sturm has been teasing new music this week, and the release day has not been a disappointment.

“State of Me” leads off with Lacey Sturm’s recognizable vocal line to set the table for the theme of the song.

Look at the state of me
You can’t deny it
I’m gonna walk out, so follow me now
Just get behind me:

She is then joined by Josh Sturm riffs on guitars and a steady rhythm section to round out the intro to a rocking tune. The verses feature clean vocals and a laid back, hooky groove building into a heavy chorus with occasional trademark back-of-throat screams.

“State of Me” is available not only on all streaming platforms but is accompanied by a music video as well. The song was co-written with Korey and John Cooper of Skillet. The song itself is a powerful answer to deadly thief that is suicidal ideation. “Choosing life is violent in that we reject every subtle form of suicide, every eternal death choice that would try to disorient, distract and seduce us away. Eternal life starts in our soul. So look at the state of it. And if you see eternal death, be violent against it, cut off every temporary thing that would bring that into your heart and reach out and cling to eternal life, even if it costs you this temporary one,” Lacey shares.

This is the second single from a highly anticipated sophomore album that has been in the works, following an equally high octane single “The Decree” which was nominated for a Grizzly Award. She is also featured on “Let Me Love You” from Love and Death’s Perfectly Preserved, and will be a part of their album release show as well.

Lacey Sturm was the lead singer of Flyleaf, a popular rock band that delivered hits like “Fully Alive” and “I’m So Sick.” She paused her music endeavors to begin a family, and she and husband Josh now have three children. In February 2016, Sturm released her debut solo project, Life Screams. Keep up with Lacey Sturm by following her on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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