A New Direction: “Enough” by Matt Sassano Feat. Zahna

Enough by Matt Sassano feat Zahna

Matt Sassano’s newest single “Enough” showcases deep and personal lyrics from the emerging artist. Backed by an electronically driven instrumental, the song speaks about the pain of betrayal in relationships:

Could I ever be enough for you?
'Cause I don't wanna face the truth
I always seem to be the one worth leaving
And in the end I bet you'll leave me bleeding”

Layered vocals fill out the chorus before guest vocalist, Zahna, can be heard building to the second verse. The hard rock queen’s voice shines through the synthesized atmosphere. Matt Sassano joins in and the two vocals intertwine for a strong, heartfelt finale.

“Enough” has a different tone compared to Matt Sassano’s previous releases. The single portrays a vulnerability not usually displayed in the electro-pop/rock genre. This new direction is refreshing and relatable. Keep an eye out for future releases from Matt Sassano!

You can find “Enough” on Apple Music and Spotify.

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