Forsaken Hero Releases God of Revival

Forsaken Hero has released an uplifting and atmospheric new song with “God of Revival.”

“God of Revival” has a powerful rock worship feel, and I am a fan especially of the stringed instrument start to the track. It gives an uplifting soaring feeling. The track then melds into what we’ve come to expect from Forsaken Hero, blending driving drums, guitars, and a bit of synth elements.

The lyrical content is uplifting, something that people may need reminding of. This is especially true given the struggles of the past year. Sometimes everyone needs an anchor, an anthem, a lighthouse in the storm that can steady us when everything else seems to be falling apart. This could very well be that type of song for many people.

I found the bridge to be especially powerful, and it only builds to an amazing crescendo.

Come awaken your people
Come awaken this city
Oh God of Revival
Pour it out, Pour it out

Every stronghold will crumble
I hear the chains hit the ground
Oh God of revival
Pour it out, Pour it out

The chorus is equally as powerful and poignant.

The darkest night you can light it up
You can light it up, Oh God of Revival
Let hope arise. Death has overcome
You’ve already won, Oh God of Revival.

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