Reclaim the Day Releases Hard Hitting Single “Sentenced to Life”

Reclaim the Day Sentenced to Life Cover

Reclaim the Day has released their new single, “Sentenced to Life,” with a lyric video. They also released a video just featuring the track and single art.

The single was produced by Josiah Prince and Andrew Stanton of Disciple. Stanton also assisted in writing the track. “Sentenced to Life” is a hard-hitting, powerful entry into the band’s repertoire.

The track is musically intricate. It starts out haunting and melodious and builds toward the pinnacle of the song, where metal fans will appreciate the ferocity with which the bridge is sung. The start of the song is a cry, and further shows this concept with the start of the lyric video being rainy and overcast. The lyrics of the first few verses are a delving into past mistakes and feelings of inadequacy.

Trying to close my eyes to the things I see
With these chains on me
Throwing myself on trail
The jury screams, while the gavel swings

All these ideas are extremely relatable of feelings of failure and of losing faith. Especially with the chorus that comes in powerfully:

I used to walk among the innocent
I used to walk inside the safety of your light
All I want is to be free again
The way it was before
Shadows stalked my night
Can you save me from this prison?
Where I’m sentence to life

The bridge, while sung with a ferocity, does bring out a bit of hope as well as questioning what everyone experiences. It is the apex of this track and drives home the essence of the lyrics. The idea that you may feel lost, isolated, alone, removed from your faith, but are still holding on. The chains will break, light will come, just don’t give up.

These demons haunt me as I live and breathe
I’m searching for life where there is peace
I have to break this cycle. I’ve had enough
As God as my witness. I will not give up.

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