Classic Rock, Hooky Melodies: The Word66

Bands like Petra, Whiteheart and Stryper come to mind when someone mentions hair bands and classic rock in the faith-based rock and roll world.

If you enjoy that kind of music, The Word66 is a band that should be on your radar. They dropped a new EP this year called On The Way To The Promised Land, and the four track project contains all the elements of classic rock that would be expected: spiritually rooted themes, hooky melodies and guitar solos, and vocals that are reminiscent of a young Mick Jagger or John Schlitt.

The Word66, founded by Steve Scott, is “edgy with a touch of commercial acceptability, bringing to you catchy melodies and thought provocative lyrics,” according to their website.

The title track is safe but catchy, featuring guitar riffs that demand the spotlight and lyrics that point us to heaven.

The edgiest tracks on the album are “I Am Free” and “I Feel The Love (Sweet As Candy),” songs that blend a bit more bass and driving rhythms.

The band also covered a classic song on this EP. “Spririt In The Sky” is uniquely their own style while remaining true to its original form– a balance that is always difficult to achieve in a cover.

With On The Way To The Promised Land, The Word66 has delivered a fun and vibrant EP that is worthy of a classic rock playlist.

Check out the album on Spotify.

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