Death Therapy Announces Third Album, Drops Lead Single

Tooth & Nail Records artist Death Therapy is set to drop their third full length album on June 4, 2021, and has shared the first taste with lead single “Tension.”

Melancholy Machines is a genre-bending new LP,” said Tooth & Nail Records in a release on their social media. Pre-ordering is available for the record, while the lead single is available to stream now.

“Tension” has industrial elements blended with heavy electronic elements with spoken vocals. The song could be classified as an industrial hard rock meets pop and hip hop, impossible to fit in a clearly defined boundary.

Their bio says it well: “Jason Wisdom, the mind behind the music, seems practically obsessed with pushing creative boundaries to their breaking point. If someone asks ‘what does Death Therapy sound like,’ the only correct answer is ‘it sounds like Death Therapy.’ Every song in the band’s catalog is a journey in itself, traversing a sonic landscape of thundering bass guitar riffs, electronic grooves, and an industrial atmosphere.”

Keep up with Death Therapy by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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