Azariah Releases Single “Am I Beautiful?”

Azariah is a new artist that just released a new single, “Am I Beautiful?”

From the first second of the song, “Am I Beautiful” draws the listener in. It starts out with the words: “broken, unworthy, ashamed, disgust.” This immediately sets the tone for the song, which speaks of something that is so important in society: beauty perceptions.

The lyrics reference what others may say to us, or what we even might say to ourselves, blended with heavy driving rock beats that push the message of changing the way we think. As one set of lyrics says:

“Is is true that pain is beauty?
Are you the one to save me?
From all these twisted lies
Am I beautiful?”

The track is speaking truth about struggles with body image and believing what others say about you. Musically, it is a driving song with powerful drums and guitar riffs. Azariah’s vocals are also amazingly powerful and gritty. The vocals are reminiscent of Dawn Michele from Fireflight: powerful and ethereal in the same breath.

Follow Azariah on Facebook and Instagram for more music news, such as the video below featuring Lori Peters (former drummer of Skillet) who is tracking drums on the next single soon to be released!

Find “Am I Beautiful?” on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube.

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