P.O.D. Announces Satellite Over Southdown Series of Livestream Events

P.O.D. has announced that they will be playing a series of live events on May 13, May 27, and June 10, all streamed on the platform Mandolin. Tickets are available now for individual shows, or for a season pass granting access to all of them: https://bit.ly/3thg5mI

The May 13 stream will feature a full performance of the album Satellite, and May 27 will cover The Fundamental Elements of Southtown. The June 10 stream will feature a setlist spanning the full range of the multi-platinum band’s discography (including some rarities). They’ll be performing the shows from Petco Park in their hometown of San Diego. All shows will be available for streaming on demand for 48 hours following the event.

“As we navigate through the new norm of live performances, it’s a great feeling knowing we can still somehow connect with our fans and friends who have supported us all of these years,” frontman Sonny Sandoval has shared. “The idea of fans around the world, online together watching us is pretty amazing!”

Satellite, the album first on the list to be celebrated, is also marking its 20th birthday this year– proof of the longevity of P.O.D.’s career, which has spawned hits such as “Alive,” “Boom,” and “Youth of the Nation.” The band has a reputation for raw, no gimmicks live performances, making their concert series a must-see.

You can follow P.O.D. for more news leading into the event on Facebook and Instagram.

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