Seek and Find Truth: “Close Encounter (Reimagined)” by Poetic Descent

Ohio based hard rock band Poetic Descent returns with a single aimed at answering questions for those seeking purpose.

Musically, “Close Encounter” covers a spectrum of genres from alternative and hooky grooves to unclean vocals on the bridge as the band shows off their metal chops briefly in follow up to their 2020 project, Shallow Graves.

Lyrically, this song dives deep and challenges listeners to find hope, truth and purpose.

“Where did it all begin?
Where does it end?
So many questions I have
So many things I just don’t know
I need to find the answers
I need to go.”

As questions are asked, the chorus is prayerfully asking for eyes to see the truth, while the bridge becomes more tense in tone questioning if there is a God who is listening.

Find “Close Encounter” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Poetic Descent on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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