Love Like Gravity Releases High Octane New Single “Devil’s In the Details”

Love Like Gravity has released a new track titled “Devil’s In the Details” in advance of an upcoming full length album.

The song is the band’s first since 2015’s Chain-Reaction. “Devil’s In the Details” brings their ferocious sound back to the forefront of listeners’ attention, packing a powerful punch with shredding guitar riffs, raw vocals, and a hooky melody. Lyrically, the song explores temptation and struggle:

There’s a million filthy promises all aimed at the heart
And the devil’s in the details
A million good intentions won’t erase all the scars
If the devil’s in the details
Are the lines getting thinner?
Can’t tell the saints from the sinners
And the devil’s in the details.

If “Devil’s In the Details” is any indication, the upcoming album from Love Like Gravity is going to breathe a refreshing, grungy rock sound to playlists later this year.

To hear more from Love Like Gravity, you can follow them on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram.

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