In the Details: A Conversation with Love Like Gravity

Love Like Gravity is a force both new and old in the faith-based rock scene. They gained some early traction as a band through shows with bands like Decyfer Down and Building 429, releasing their debut album Chain Reaction in 2015.

Since then, the band has stayed quiet. 2021 sees them roaring back to life in a big way with “Devil’s In the Details,” a crunchy, grungy rock tune with a wild lyrical tone of warning. I caught up with lead guitarist Cale Kight about what the band has been up to and what led to their powerhouse return.

Love Like Gravity is coming back after a bit of a hiatus. Can you share about what was going on for the band during that hiatus? What’s motivating you to come back?

This is a great question. Mostly everyday life stuff has been the hiatus. Some of the original guys are heavily involved in their church ministries at leadership levels. Stan and I have been involved in some musical side projects in the last couple of years, and I’ve been doing a good bit of co-writing/producing for other artists and songwriters. 

Honestly, what brought us out of hiatus was primarily timing I guess. A few of us ended up all working on a project together, and it led to writing this new song “Devil’s in the details.” It was at that point that we realized there was something there that was poignant… so here we are! 

For those who are getting to know your band for the first time, could you share a little about the name and how it connects to your mission?

The name Love Like Gravity was happened upon using an idea of trying to find a word to describe what God’s love is like by using an online band name generator. It kicked out several phrases and when I saw “Love-like” and another option farther down ”gravity-like/zero gravity,” it just dawned on me that that was a cool metaphor. God’s love is a force drawing us to Him and sustaining us.

Who have you been working with in the studio to create the upcoming album? How is that creative process coming along?

Mostly it’s just been 3 of us on the writing and production end of things: myself, Stan Mayo and Billy Pind. We each have a good bit of experience recording and producing things at this stage, so the process has been really swift and painless.

It’s actually been really fun and freeing, to be honest. We’ve also been working with Tony Palacios of Guardian (who produced our first albums as well as bands like Decyfer Down and High Flight Society). He’s mixing this record as well as playing bass. 

Let’s talk a little about the single specifically. “Devil’s In the Details” is such a compelling title. What inspired you to write this song?

Well, the chorus really came to me about a year ago, and then just got put on a shelf for a bit. It was primarily inspired by what I was seeing happening around me in our culture and society. Relativism just seems to be rampant, and any idea of objective absolute truth is the new enemy. Sadly, we’re even seeing that infiltrate the church. Not only is society now accepting a lie, but aggressively defending the lies.

I found myself thinking of Jesus being tempted in the desert by Satan (with scripture no less). However, Jesus didn’t allow the enemy to remove the context of the scriptures, and therefore maintained the truth and integrity of God’s word. We need that in our society/church today. We can’t maintain if we remove the context of His word because, after all, the devil’s in the details…

What’s on the horizon for you? Can you share the timeline for any future singles leading up to the new album?

Well, definitely more music! We’re finishing up the album. I think we only have about 4 songs left to wrap things up. I’m thinking the next single will be arriving in July with the album right behind it. Our tentative timeline has been late summer for having everything out. From there we’ll just have to see what the future holds. 

Learn more about Love Like Gravity:
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