Buried Above Releases New Song “The Nations Fall (feat Josh Bramlett)”

The Nations Fall Buried Above Cover

Buried Above has released a new song titled “The Nations Fall,” featuring guest vocals from The Protest lead singer Josh Bramlett.

“The Nations Fall” was recorded in partnership between Buried Above’s Colton Reed and Josiah Prince and Andrew Stanton (Disciple). In addition to offering guest vocals, Josh Bramlett and his brother Jarob Bramlett’s design company Quiet Strength Design created the single artwork. You can see the official listening video below.

The song itself is an unabashed rocker, slugging away with powerful guitar riffs beneath the dual vocals from Colton and Josh. Thematically, the song is a forthright declaration of the power of God. The lyrics of intense reverence and loyalty hit home more forcefully due to the weight of the guitars.

You can follow Buried Above on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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