Seventh Day Slumber Releases New Single “What I’ve Become”

What I've Become Seventh Day Slumber Cover

Seventh Day Slumber released the heavy-hitting “What I’ve Become” on May 28, 2021.

Seventh Day Slumber released their worship album Unseen: The Lion and the Lamb last year, and this follow-up single is definitely more hardcore and heavy– guaranteed to make their rock fans thrilled. The drums and guitar riffs drive the song and almost give you the feeling of despair and that kind of crazed feeling of someone spiraling out of control. Joseph’s vocal delivery and lyrics with the mixing of symphonic sounds really make for an interesting foray musically on this track.

“What I’ve Become” does not shy away from difficult topics. This is a track of self-reflection, confessing to self-loathing and hate and wondering how you ended up in this state. Then the lyrics turn towards realizing that there is only one remedy for your self-destructive behavior, truly only one thing that can fix your current state: looking to God. Seventh Day Slumber always infuses their songs with hope, and this track is no different. After it deals with relatable struggles, it ends with:

Running from the pain
God, am I too late?
Oh, come and open up my eyes
I give it all to You tonight

Starting to wear thin
Make me whole again
These chains have kept me here too long
I’m coming home where I belong!

Follow Seventh Day Slumber on their Facebook and Instagram for more music news. You can add “What I’ve Become” on their streaming platforms on Spotify and Apple Music.

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