Theody Releases Tumultuous New Single “Tempest”

Theody 2021

Fayetteville, AR based rock band Theody has released a new single and accompanying music video titled “Tempest.”

“Tempest” strikes the delicate balance between melodic and heavy perfectly, careening between the two with a momentum that truly evokes the twists and turns of a storm. Smooth choruses slip into a tsunami of screams and riffs welling up through the bridge. Powerful vocals from lead singer Lauren Kinder plead “anchor me, anchor me, I’m afraid I’ll lose myself in the tempest,” desperately crying for relief from the maelstrom of anxiety and emotion.

The music video (directed by Joel Burris) visually captures the concept of an overwhelming storm. You can watch the video below.

“Tempest” is Theody’s follow-up to “Skeptic,” released earlier this year. The band’s 2021 has also already included a Grizzly Awards nomination for last year’s track “The In Between.” They also performed at the livestream event.

You can keep up with Theody and their continued musical ventures by finding them on Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, and Instagram.

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