Paradise Now Releases New Single and Announces New Album

Paradise Now 2021

Paradise Now, the Tooth & Nail band hailing from Wales, released a new track “I Hope It Never Ends,” which will be on their upcoming album We Never Die that is set to release on July 30.

Paradise Now has become a fast favorite with their ability to blend rich, haunting vocal tones and melodies with heavy-hitting rock sounds. “I Hope It Never Ends” is no different. It is catchy and will have you singing it after only a few listens. The musicality is a genius blend of Samuel Taylor’s vocal tones through the verses and a driving sound and heavier vocals through the chorus.

The lyrics are also poignant. “I Hope It Never Ends” takes a look at the struggles of life and how we sometimes don’t want to take responsibility for the choices we make, and so we end up repeating cycles. In the end, while we may want to end the cycle, we sometimes “hope that it never ends.” It also shows that even in life’s struggles, there are always some silver linings or good things that come out of the bad situations.

So blow the dust away, to kingdom come.
The pain helps moderate the things I’ve done.

It’s a cycle of survival, it stops it starts again.
It’s an echo in a cyclone but
I hope it never ends

Watch the official lyric video below

Make sure to add “I Hope It Never Ends” wherever you stream music: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon.

You can also pre-order the physical edition of the album or pre-order the digital edition of the album off Tooth & Nail’s Website. The new album will feature songs from their 2020 EP Lockdown Releases, like “Monsters” Featuring Ryan Kirby and “Criminal,” as well as unreleased songs. Find the track list below:

Track List:
Bring Me His Head
Haunt Myself
Heaven Close
I Hope It Never Ends
Criminal feat SÜ (Lockdown Mix)
Losing Myself
Monsters feat Ryan Kirby (Lockdown Mix)
Young Guns
We Never Die

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