Not Backing Down: “Better Run” by Zahna

Zahna 2021

In 2018, Zahna released her debut solo album Red For War. Her debut album was met with high praise, featuring high charting singles like “Underneath” and “Drown.”

Fast forward three years, and now Zahna is preparing to re-introduce herself as an independent rock artist. In January she tackled covering a Taylor Swift song, “Look What You Made Me Do,” demonstrating that she is unafraid of critics and ready to come out as fiery and edgy as ever.

Fans have been waiting in anticipation for her first original music in three years, and “Better Run” is a high octane follow up to Red For War that makes the wait worth it. Lyrically, this song is taking on myriad issues present in our culture today: facing what stands against us and fighting back, telling our fears that they better run, because we’re not backing down.

Find “Better Run” on all streaming platforms.

Keep up with Zahna on Facebook and Instagram for the latest as she prepares for a huge year!

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