Project 86 Announces Final Chapter Of 25-Year Run

Project 86 Final Chapter Campaign

The veteran hard rock and metal band Project 86 has announced that they are embarking on their final chapter as a band after a 25 year run.

In a post on social media, the band announced that “The Final Chapter is Here,” and their website is now live to “access preorder and Patreon” to “support one last time to get to the 60k minimum to fund the final record.”

According to the Patreon campaign, the band is hoping to be a source of unity one last time in a chaotic world. “Allow us to be your SAFE HAVEN, once more. In a time of all-out war, aid us in being the beacon of light, truth, hope, and justice in a time where civilization crumbles. These are our swan songs. They scream unity amidst the divide. Let us sing them together… with throats of aflame.”

Details about the album, such as release dates, were not announced as the band set a goal to raise the minimum funds before beginning the recording process.

The Patreon features a bronze, silver and gold level of monthly support with various and increasing perks for each level, including behind the scenes content, shirts or even producer credit on the album. A preorder link is live for the album in addition to the Patreon.

Earlier this year, the band hosted a livestream to recognize the 20 year anniversary of their sophomore album, Drawing Black Lines. It kicked off a year of marking and celebrating the band’s storied career.

Project 86 is a hard rock band from Orange County, California, formed in 1996. Frontman Andrew Schwab’s lyrics have addressed a wide variety of topics such as conformity and emptiness. They released their last album, Sheep Among Wolves, in 2017. Follow the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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