NESDAM “Crawl:” An Anthem of Overcoming


Life has a way of teaching us how to navigate difficult seasons and overcome challenges to come out stronger on the other side. Sometimes that means we have to slow down to something slower than a walk to power forward.

It is from this break through perspective that the debut single from new artist NESDAM was born.

“Crawl” is an hard rocking anthem that “represents a raw and open Patrick Madsen,” former drummer for Random Hero and current drummer for Zahna. “I hope it resonates with people and that they realize that no matter how bad this life can look, we must focus on the beauty of it,” said Madsen.

The song features powerful vocals from Madsen, who also recorded drum tracks for the single, and thunderous guitars blended with perfectly pitched harmonies and occasional unclean vocals to result in a roaring and gritty, hooky sound.

From the opening and dynamically soft verse to the booming chorus, the lyrics take listeners through visual imagery of drowning and difficulties to overcome by crawling out from underneath the weight until we’re able to stand and walk again.

Find “Crawl” on Spotify or Apple Music.

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NESDAM plans to release more singles throughout 2021 and into 2022, with plans to eventually record a full record
later on down the road.

For more information on NESDAM, be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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