Remedy Drive Releases Acoustic Video for “Dragons”

Remedy Drive has released a new acoustic video, including a story behind the song segment, for their song “Dragons” from their album Imago Amor.

“I started writing the song ‘Dragons’ while I was in Southeast Asia at the beginning of 2020,” Remedy Drive lead singer David Zach shared. “On some ancient maps, the words HC SVNT DRACONES symbolize danger or uncharted waters. Translated to English, ‘here be dragons.’ My friend Matt Parker who founded The Exodus Road, an organization that empowers enslaved individuals to escape their traffickers, got this phrase tattooed on his arm in Thailand and inspired this lyric.”

You can watch the video on Facebook.

The song was Imago Amor’s lead single, and has been a consistent presence on CMW’s Christian Rock Chart since January. The album was Remedy Drive’s third counter-trafficking album in support of The Exodus Road.

David Zach concluded, “I have so much love and respect for this team; we speak different languages, we come from different world-views and backgrounds, but we love the same, with dangerous unselfishness. This song represents the new horizons, danger, and the uncharted waters of our counter-trafficking work. It is with a love that is being forged in adversity that we pass through the flames together.”

You can find Imago Amor on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow Remedy Drive on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also read Rock On Purpose’s 2021 interview with David Zach.

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