Catching Up with The Protest: an Interview at Kingdom Come Festival

The Protest Kingdom Come 2021

Rock on Purpose writer Jessica Walker caught up with Josh, Jarob, and TJ from The Protest backstage at Kingdom Come Festival! See the full interview here:

I was wondering if you could talk about what the past year has been like for The Protest?

Josh: It’s been a pretty good year. Al things considered, we were very blessed to play some shows over COVID. Not as many as usual, but we had some. Got a lot of writing done, got a lot of music recorded, and we have big plans. So I think it was a good thing. And we still spent a lot of time together because we’re best friends.

TJ: And, praise the Lord, we had a number on single which is a first for us. So it was cool.

Josh: It was super humbling.

What does the summer look like for you guys?

TJ: Sweaty.

Josh: So sweaty! It’s going to be a sweaty summer. We’re supper excited to have a lot of dates, because last summer we had a lot of dates, and some of them stuck, but a lot of them we could not do. So we’re going to be all over the country this summer, very excited to do some festivals and see everybody. We miss everyone.

What’s your favorite song to play live?

Jarob: “Legacy” is a good one for me just because I don’t have to worry about singing on that one, I get to just throw down.

TJ: It used to be an old cut, “We Stalk the Streets at Night.” It was super fun musically. So that was one of them. I’d say “Legacy’s” up there because I get to scream a little bit.

Josh: I think mine’s “Legacy” too! It’s definitely a special moment live I think. It’s a chance that we can really flex our hard rock, metal muscles.

How many years have you been playing at KCF?

TJ: We can’t quite pinpoint it, but it’s been close to 10, give or take.

Josh: Years ago, this festival was in like downtown Kokomo. I remember Ashes Remain and Nine Lashes were on one of the first years, so it’s been super fun. this is truly like a second home for us. We only live about an hour and a half from here. But the people here have kind of adopted us, and they’re the sweetest people. I love this festival because it’s like a big family reunion. We get to see all our friends we don’t usually get to see.

What does the festival mean to you?

TJ: For me, this industry is kind of tough. It’s easy to get caught up in the business aspect, just running and hustling and bustling. But with this festival, we share such a similar heart for the Lord that it’s kind of easy to use it– it’s a very tiring weekend in a great way. A chance to reconnect with people and fellowship, as well as just serve the best we can. So I think it’s the similar hearts that makes it so special. Their heart for the Lord is so prevlanet in everything they do for the festival that it’s jsut a fun weekend.

Josh: It’s hard to leave here without having your soul totally filled to the brim. It’s amazing. There’s not a ton of shows like that, but this one’s super special.

What has God has been teaching you in your personal lives that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Jarob: There’s a couple things. One thing God’s really showing me lately is just how different people are, even in their walks, and that’s OK. That’s how the church is supposed to be. An eye opening thing to me is that sometimes I feel like I’m judgmental. And it’s like man, this guy’s going through something totally different from me, and he’s learning something different from me. So it’s awesome. I’m learning a lot of patience. I’m recently married, we have 3 dogs. So a lot of cool patience. God’s doing some good stuff.

Josh: For me, this has really happened over the past 10 years. My faith has grown so much. I’m a big worrier, a big doubter, I have been my whole life. But being in this band and being in this ministry has really showed me to fully trust God, because sometimes ew had no other choice because we couldn’t fix the problem by ourselves. It kind of makes you realize as trials come up and things come up that God truly does have thing under control. Not the way you want it sometimes, and it comes down to the wire sometimes. But God always does come through in a huge way. I have no reason to doubt Him, ever. He’s just an amazing God who loves us and is in every detail in our life.

TJ: For me, he’s been teaching me the importance of the basics. And I call it basics, but it’s the fundamentals of Christianity. Just staying in the word, constantly growing in knowledge, and being able to do what He asks us to do. As well as how important prayer is. I think a lot of times for me, even if I am in the word every day, I Get so busy I’m like I’ll just pray before bed. Then two seconds in, I fall sleep. So just how important prayer is. I think this festival is also a good example of that, because it was supposed to rain like crazy yesterday. And with prayer, the storm literally just split and went around and then formed back into itself again. Prayer is a powerful thing.

Any final words you’d like to say to fans?

Josh: I always wish I had like—

TJ: A single word?

Josh: Yeah! Like “prosper.”

Jarob: I’d say, be on the lookout this summer for stuff. I can’t say much.

Josh: Just be ready for some things in The Protest camp! Things will be happening this summer, and we’re super excited. Thank you for all your support. Through COVID and stuff, you guys really helped get us through in more ways than one.

The Protest will be releasing the Death Stare EP on August 27. You can follow them on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. Watch the music video for their new track “Show Up to the Showdown” below!

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