Habits That Harm: “I Breathe You In” by Drive Thru Society

I Breathe You In Drive Thru Society

It has been three years since rockers Drive Thru Society have graced the airwaves with new tunes, but they haven’t missed a step. If anything, they’ve raised the bar for themselves with their latest single “I Breathe You In.”

This track is heavy with atmosphere and dripping with palpable emotion. The synth elements really help to enhance the ethereal impression throughout the verses. Vocalist Meg Hudson has reached new levels of delivery in this song, resounding with a vulnerability and defiance that leaves an indelible mark.

Musically, this fits in with the rest of Drive Thru Society’s catalogue (2 EPs and 1 other single) very well. Being driven by the vocals is a staple of their music, and they continue that trend here. That said, it is really interesting to hear how they have allowed the melodies to really be a centerpiece of “I Breathe You In.” Every instrument shines on this track, and they build around the melody flawlessly. It would have been easy to let the delivery of the vocals overshadow the rest of the band, but they managed to mesh everything cohesively in the production process. The confidence of Hudson’s voice is matched beautifully with the pocket-playing of the drums in the verses, the build of the guitars in the choruses and bridge, and the synth-driven verses. The structure of this track is professional on every level.

From a lyrical perspective, “I Breathe You In” exudes a defiant, yet pained, resistance to destructive habits. It is interesting to hear the honesty of how enticing and enjoyable the distraction can be: “I feel you changing me while you’re entertaining me… I wanna read between the lines, that this image you give off is nothing but lies.

There is danger to self-destruction in that it does not always feel bad. As Drive Thru Society explores throughout this track, it can be an emotionally enjoyable and temporarily satisfying thing. Ultimately however, it slowly poisons us from the inside out: “You relieve me, then rearrange me, and bring peace to my mind. But then you poison me, and desensitize me, but I’m too satisfied to fight.

Even knowing the way out, these destructive habits are just that: habits. They continue to pull on us and try to bring us back into the distraction. The bridge shows that there’s an awareness to the inconsistency in the connection of ourselves to sin: “How can you say you love me, when all you do is let me down? I’m running out of sympathy, ‘cuz I don’t want you anymore!

This is a fairly dark song from a lyrical perspective, but it brings a refreshing honesty to the enticement of destructive habits and how difficult it can be to leave them behind.

Drive Thru Society hit the nail on the head in the delivery of “I Breathe You In,” building up anticipation for what comes next. To be sure to see what they’re up to, be sure you’re following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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