Machine Gun Rhythms: “In the Night” by Phinehas

the Fire Itself Phinehas Cover

Mainstay metal band Phinehas has announced a new album (their first since 2017): The Fire Itself is due August 27. With that announcement, they’ve released the hard-hitting single “In the Night.”

True to their signature sound, this newest track is filled with some incredibly intricate fretwork, pummeling drums, and some throat-shredding vocals. The group seems to have lost no steam in the past five years, and all signs point to their momentum barreling on. It feels like it has been a long time since breakdowns of this caliber have been witnessed— Phinehas has managed to hold tightly to their brand of frenetic energy met with brutally smashing chunkiness.

From a lyrical standpoint, the group solidifies their stance as one of the most consistent faith-based groups around. Never ones to shy away from challenging people of faith, Phinehas issues a new challenge to their listeners: “I did not call your name for you to not speak. You were not shaped to fold, but forged to be bold in the path you seek.

Many interpretations will likely be given to the lyrics of this song, but for this listener, it seems clear that they are calling for a return to faith that follows God where He’s told us to go with a boldness that looks at the unknown, yet trusts His guidance. There’s so much that serves as both encouragement and challenge: “In fear remain in your nightmares. In fear, dig an early grave. The unknown obliterates the present… Come with me instead, with stars to guide. The pain will subside in the night, unafraid of what darkness brings.

As The Fire Itself will be Phinehas’s sixth album, it’s probably a safe bet that the album won’t falter. If this first single is any indication, fans can expect that they’ll continue doing what they’ve always done: making neck-breakingly heavy metal with a message of faith. It is encouraging to see a band with their longevity still holding to their faith so strongly and allowing it to be a focal point of what they do. The Fire Itself drops on August 27th, so be sure you’ve got it marked on your calendar.

Presave The Fire Itself with Apple Music or get “In the Night” on Spotify.

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