Zahna Releases “Better Run” Music Video

Zahna 2021

Zahna released her single “Better Run” earlier this summer, and she added to it on August 27 with the release of the highly anticipated music video.

“Better Run” is the first single off Zahna’s sophomore album, a song about the unrepentant and cruel people that abuse their power over us. The dramatic music video flashes scenes with black, white and green as the dominate colors, which aids the idea that something sinister is ensuing. We even see an evil scientist at work in his lab (does he look familiar? It’s Rock On Purpose’s own Matt Durlin!).

As well as watching the music video, you can also order the special “Better Run” merch bundle in Zahna’s webstore. Keep up with Zahna as she prepares to drop more music by following her on Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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