Elevation Worship’s ‘Might Get Loud’ Gives Band a Different Sound

Elevation Worship is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, the worship ministry of Elevation Church lead by Pastor Steven Furtick. The contemporary music group has produced 12 albums. Elevation is best known for their hits “Do It Again,” “Graves into Gardens,” “The Blessing” with Kari Jobe and “Come to the Altar.”

Recently, the band released a new song titled “Might Get Loud.” Some have called the song “unreserved” and “electric.” Compared to their usual sound of worship music, “Might Get Loud” is definitely different, and could be considered rock or metal. There was no holding back when it came to this song as it offers roaring vocals, screaming guitars and thundering drums. 

Lead singer Chris Brown says, “When you know where you’d be if it weren’t for the grace of God in your life, you don’t mind shouting about it, maybe even getting a little undignified when you thank Him.”

Listen to “Might Get Loud” here, and get tickets to see Elevation Worship live!

This article contributed by Emily Wheelock.

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