Mr. Weaverface releases spiritual warfare anthem with “Jesus Is Alive”

Mr Weaverface

Mr. Weaverface (Brendon Weaver) debuted in January 2022 with his first single, “Jesus Is Alive.”

The song, which was recorded at TCLV Studios in Bethlehem, PA, taps into an energetic classic grunge rock sound in the legacy of Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam as it triumphantly declares that Jesus is alive. It has a sound that harkens back to the early days of bands like Third Day, with rugged riffs, an upbeat melody and simple, earnest lyrics that sing like a prayer.

“Let Your kingdom come
Let Your will be done
Because all that matters here is You.”

Vocals, guitar and bass were all provided by Brendon himself, an impressive DIY approach for a new artist. For drums, Brendon relied on former Breaking Benjamin drummer Kevin Soffera of Hybrid Studios in Pennslyvania.

Sharing about the song’s background, Brendon offered “I went through a spiritual warfare battle a couple of years ago, and only through the power of Jesus’ name and trusting in Him was I victorious. This song is an anthem recognizing that Jesus Christ is the name above all names, that He is alive and not dead, and that He still works miracles  today.”

The song is available now on Spotify. You can learn more about Mr. Weaverface on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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