Edgy grunge energy is alive in Jonah 33’s “Blood Is Thicker”

Blood is Thicker Jonah 33

Jonah 33 has returned after a 6 year absence with their new single “Blood Is Thicker.”

The song is a grungy, rollicking declaration of intense loyalty. The distorted, textured riffs roll underneath high energy vocals and lyrics that offer a creed of commitment.

“That’s not a bridge that I wouldn’t burn for you
Not a stone that I’d leave unturned for you
Not a mile that I wouldn’t run for you
Blood is thicker.”

The song could be read as a statement of Jesus’s divine, unconditional love for us, or as a declaration of the bond between members of the same spiritual family.

“Blood Is Thicker” is the first song from Dead Man Walking, their project due out on April 29. You can keep up with Jonah 33’s new era by following them on Facebook.

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