Award Winning Artist Zahna Releases Her First Pop Single

Prayers in the Dark Zahna

The uncertainty of the unknown can easily incite fear and panic into people’s lives sometimes. ‘What will the future hold for my problems of present?’ is often a question that can plague those who deal with that fear of uncertainty. Those nights of darkness seemingly holding them back from of a life full of joy, good health and blessings can be overcome easily by a sincere, yet simple prayer.

“I’ve experienced these types of nights only a handful of times in my young life. There were moments I truly felt abandoned by God.” Zahna explains. “But even through turbulent times in my faith, when I believed that God wasn’t listening to my prayers, He always showed me later somehow that He was with me, and He has always been with me.”

Official lyric video for “Prayers In the Dark”

Like her earlier single of 2022, “Erase,” which deals with the feelings of hopelessness in today’s turbulent
world, Zahna is hoping that this edgy pop track with a hope filled twist can not only entertain listeners but serve as a beacon of hope to those who feel there is no way for them to move from that fearful darkness of life and into a light that can offer many, many endless opportunities.

I’ve felt your pain from the start
I know you’re fallin’ apart
You’re crying out with an open heart,
and I know He hears your prayers in the dark

Zahna’s own prayer of the song is “I genuinely hope this song or message can be a sign for at least just one person, to decide to carry on and face tomorrow.”

Find “Prayers in the Dark” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Source: Zahna

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