Bayless releases a stirring song of rescue with “Searchlights”

Searchlights by Bayless music video image

Bayless has released a stirring rock song centered on the hope of rescue with “Searchlights.” The band has also released an accompanying music video, showcasing the stunning cinematic visual style they’ve become known for. You can watch the video below.

The song features crunchy, staccato guitar riffs and a chilling symphonic touch of strings and piano under the dual vocals of Jared and Vanessa Bayless. This blend creates a compelling sonic landscape that propels the urgent lyrics forward. With honest expressions of some of the stormy struggles we can find ourselves in, Bayless moves into a sweeping chorus:

“We’re sending out the searchlights
If you’re lost and drowning
Look for the beam of light
With darkness surrounding
Oh you are loved, don’t you give up
Don’t let your breath begin to fade
Keep your head above the waves.”

“We all have our messes. Some of them are more visible than others, but we all have them,” Jared Bayless shares. “The thing we all share inside of these messes? We wish we had someone who would see us despite them. We want someone to see us for who we will be, not for who we are in the moment. We are often drifting in the dark sea, in a crowd of people, yet feeling all alone and left to deal with our mess. We all wish there was a beam of light that would pierce the darkness, and someone would come to our rescue. We all wish someone would embrace our mess and pull us to safety, don’t we? ‘Searchlights’ is about offering hope to the hopeless in our society. We all have hurts and pains. Despite our differences, we are all so very much the same. We just want to be loved and known. This song is a cry for those who are hurting to not give up, to know there is hope, and to know that there are people searching for them. People who can offer these things. Don’t give up. We are coming. Just hold on. Keep your head above the waves.”

That’s exactly the truth that the music video portrays as well. It depicts people from many walks of life standing neck-deep in dark waters, eyes blind, waiting to drown. But there’s a searchlight over the water. Not all is lost.

“Searchlights” is going for adds at radio now. It follow Bayless’s 2021 powerhouse single “Sojourner.” Bayless has quickly been making a name for themselves with the quality of their craft and the raw, redemptive themes their music presents.

You can stream “Searchlights” on Spotify or Apple Music. Keep up with Bayless on Facebook and Instagram.

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