Fight The Fade looks to upcoming album APOPHYSITIS with “Lost it All” and “Revival”

Lost it All Fight the Fade album cover

Fight The Fade is continuing to build up to the July 22 release of APOPHYSITIS with the fresh singles “Lost it All” and “Revival.”

“Lost it All” is an aching song of loss, full of grinding guitar riffs and lyrics of lament: “You can run but there’s no one to save you now / You can cry ’til your throat’s numb / Watched you crawl, lost it all and now you’ve found / I’m burning those bridges down.” It centers on the breakdown of relationship, the tumult as it ends. It’s Fight The Fade at their best, with the rock side of their identity taking center stage as emotionally stirring synths fill out the instrumentation.

The track follows “Revival,” which dropped earlier in June. “Revival” leans more heavily on the electronic, with loops and percussive beds punctuating a smooth melody. The song itself is a call to the renewal of hope, declaring, “You can’t stop me when I climb / I’m taking back my life / Ain’t running out of time, no / This is my revival.”

Both songs continue to elevate fans’ anticipation for the full-length album due out next month. With this release, Fight The Fade displays a mature synergy between rock and electronic stylings, crafting a captivating musical experience. They’ve got the songwriting chops to back it up, with songs that offer candid confessions about being human.

You can hear the new tracks on Spotify and Apple Music. Stay tuned to the band’s Facebook and Instagram for future release news.

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