Meet House of Rejects: Independent Rockers from Missouri

House of Rejects, a newly formed indie rock duo based out of Springfield, Missouri, debuts September 14 with a freshman EP called Fiction.

Rock On Purpose had the privilege to sit down and talk with the young band about the EP, the message their music carries, and more.

House of Rejects features former member of Billboard-impacting teen rock group Crossing Fire, Chance Woolsey, on guitar. After so much recent chart success for Crossing Fire, we asked Woolsey–who also writes the songs for the band–about what it’s like to move on.

“Crossing Fire broke up unexpectedly in November last year,” he said. “There’s no easy way to explain it other than that stuff like this just happens at times. All I knew was that everything I had worked hard for, from a tiny worship band more than three years ago, to becoming a Billboard charting rock band, was gone. This is actually how the song ‘Restart’ came about.”

Enter House of Rejects vocalist Ricky Rauch, whose vocals are reminiscent of Daughtry, a deep and powerfully booming voice with superb pitch and control.

“We met at a local church, Connect 417, when Crossing Fire did a show there,” Woolsey explained about how House of Rejects came to be. “Ricky heard me play that night and was a fan, but it was actually when I heard Ricky singing Michael Bublé’s ‘Feeling Good’ at a youth talent show several months later that things started to click. I had been writing new music, and his vocals were so smooth and just had that perfect sound for rock. We had been becoming friends, but I had no idea he could sing, especially like that!”

The vocal prowess of Ricky Rauch, combined with the technical skills of teen sensation guitarist Chance Woolsey, has House of Rejects set up for success with their first single “Fiction,” available for radio adds available September 18.

The duo is able to identify and wants to connect with the rock community, too.  They talk about their purpose on their website. “We all feel so insecure and alone, and our music reaches out to everyone who needs a place to fit in; we are outcasts, renegades living life on the run. We are those the world deems ‘not enough.’ We are the House of Rejects.”

“We are spreading a message of hope that there is someone out there who can give you a restart, and whose love is the only love that is not fiction,” they told us.

With their first project, House of Rejects is poised to earn the trust and appreciation of rock fans everywhere.  The lead track “Delusion” sets the tone with the feel of a late-90s, early 2000s grunge rocker that is sure to delight the eardrums. This track also features Chance Woolsey slaying an epic guitar solo that shows off his ability to run up and down the musical scales with ease.

“Restart,” which was inspired by the transition from his former band, is another rocker with a message about starting over despite hitting rock bottom.  Chance Woolsey reminisced about his emotional state when writing the high energy tune. “I remember in that moment of pain, I was crying out [to God], ‘why would you let this happen?’ I was desperate for God to just hit the restart with my music.”

So what is their favorite track on Fiction?

“The song ‘Fiction’ is at the top of the list,” they told Rock On Purpose. “It’s actually a song about putting away the old things that keep you bound up… musically, we love the guitar riffs, and the way it builds up to this all-out ending is just perfect.”

Perhaps the duo saved the best for last. “Break the Ice” has a driving tempo with a beat that will catch listeners banging their heads and tapping their toes.

This too-short freshman EP is sure to leave listeners wanting more from this up-and-coming group.

Learn more about House of Rejects by following them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

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Find House of Rejects’ Fiction on Spotify

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