Avril Lavigne Releases Deeply Spiritual New Single ‘Head Above Water’

Avril Lavigne has released a brand new single titled “Head Above Water,” her first real return to music since her 2013 self-titled album.

The song is a deeply personal one for Lavigne, who has spent years out of the public spotlight due to her ongoing struggle with Lyme disease. She shared a little bit about that battle and the music it inspired on her website, saying “I felt like I was drowning. Like I was going underwater and I just needed to come up for air. Like I was in a river being pulled in a current. Unable to breathe. Praying to God for Him to help me just keep my head above the water. To help me see through the stormy weather. I grew closer to Him. My mother held me.”

With that kind of background, it’s unsurprising that the song takes a much more poignant, mellow route than the pop punk attitude of a younger Avril. The piercing lyrics plead “God keep my head above water / Don’t let me drown / It gets harder / I’ll meet you there at the altar / As I fall down to my knees / Don’t let me drown.”

You can listen to the new song below.

The song is our first taste of a new album to come from Avril Lavigne. It also heralds the momentum that is growing behind The Avril Lavigne Foundation, an organization designed to spread education and awareness about Lyme disease while funding treatment for those who otherwise could not have access to it. Avril has launched a new t-shirt design featuring the new single, with proceeds going to the foundation.

To keep up with Avril Lavigne’s new charity and new album, you can stay tuned to her Facebook, Twitter and official website.

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