Hard and Heavy: ‘Still Breathing’ by Fight the Fury

Fight the Fury Still Breathing

Skillet fans (better known as Panheads) are an insatiable and passionate group.  Earlier this year, Skillet drummer and backing vocalist Jen Ledger (with support from keyboardist/guitarist Korey Cooper) unveiled the much-anticipated Ledger EP to critical acclaim while earning a spot on the 2019 Winter Jam Spectacular. Not to be outdone, the other half of Skillet is flexing their hard rock muscles through the John Cooper-led band Fight the Fury.

The project’s debut EP, Still Breathing, is an in-your-face thrasher resulting in every bit of the “hard and heavy music” that was promised when the project was announced last month.

The fiery lead single from Still Breathing is “My Demons,” which sets the tone for the record while firmly placing Fight the Fury in the hard rock category.  The theme on this song (and throughout the album) speaks to the internal battle within that often leads to sleepless nights, fighting insecurities and struggles and seeking answers.  The question posed here in this song is “Why is this my life? I can’t close my eyes!” The journey that ensues on Still Breathing will begin to answer this question and provide hope and spiritual rest.

“Dominate Me” is an intense headbanger about yielding to God as a positive dominant force in our lives. The chorus is a prayer of submission: “This is how you dominate every part of me / It’s OK, dominate me / Teach me not to misbehave / I can be a slave / Yeah it’s OK, dominate me.” Seth Morrison shows off his technical prowess on this track by absolutely shredding up the guitar solo with skillful ease.

The chest pumping pace continues with “Still Burning,” opening with pounding drums and thick, heavy chords underscoring familiar gravelly John Cooper vocals. This song is a declaration of renewed, burning passion for God, with lyrics resembling a worshipful love song. “I’m burning, burning for you / Yours eternally / I’m still burning, I’m still burning / Soul and body ache / Deeper, deeper into you / Still burning true for you.”

Raise those fists high for hard-hitting rocker “I Cannot,” a up tempo and loud song about an internal desire to change things we don’t like but can’t fix on our own. The album closes the same way a live show from Fight the Fury might: with the heaviest, strongest song on the record. “Lose Hold Of It All” features one of the best guitar solos on the album combined with an ending that, after a brief pause, is straight instrumental fire.  Seth Morrison reminds us that he is in the conversation as one of the best lead guitarists in the industry.

Fight the Fury has staked a claim as one of the best heavy projects to be released this year. Still Breathing will satisfy Panheads looking for a return to the louder side of Skillet. The lyrical depth throughout is a much-needed reminder that through faith in God we are capable of coming through our battles Still Breathing.

You can find Still Breathing on iTunes and Spotify.

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