Indie Artist Spotlight: Southern Roots Shine On Eric Van Zant Debut

Former 7eventh Time Down lead guitarist released his debut self-titled four song solo EP in October 2018, and listeners will find it to be a departure from the pop/rock sound heard in hit singles like “God Is On the Move.” The self-titled debut Eric Van Zant is a return to the guitarist’s southern rock roots, heavily influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton and other great southern rock artists. The debut from Eric Van Zant is sure to become a fast favorite for fans of the recently disbanded Third Day.

The album kicks off with “Devil’s Neck,” which plays like a Skynyrd acoustic ballad and is a nod to how powerful and influential a prayer warrior Van Zant’s mother was in his childhood:

“When her knees would hit the ground
Every demon started leavin’ town
Mama kept her foot on the devil’s neck.”

“Set it on Fire” is a fitting title for a blazing song featuring a full band backing Van Zant’s powerful vocals.  He also shows off his guitar chops here, shredding on rangy licks throughout.

“Fight No More” is a foot-stomping rocker with a steady and driving tempo, rhythmic guitar and storytelling lyrics about moving on from a disagreement and seeking the Lord for a better way.

“I asked the Lord for answers
Gotta be another way
Back and forth for hours
The answer stays the same…
I’m not gonna fight no more.”

The much too brief EP closes with called “She Prays,” which is a soft ballad filled with lyrics of reflective love, gratefulness that a loved one takes time to pray.

With his freshman solo project, Eric Van Zant perfectly brings forth not only his musical southern rock roots, but also unabashedly shares heartfelt lyrics of faith in God.  The best thing about this EP is that he is already working on a follow up project.

The self-titled debut EP from Eric Van Zant is available for streaming on Spotify and iTunes. Learn more by visiting

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