Dawn Michele Updates Fans as PledgeMusic Declares Bankruptcy

Previously, Rock On Purpose spoke with Fireflight lead singer and solo artist Dawn Michele about her upcoming solo album Surrender. After months of difficulty with PledgeMusic, Dawn has provided an update.

In a series of videos posted to Instagram, Dawn shared about the difficult process of trying to negotiate with PledgeMusic over the past few months as the company went through severe financial difficulty. The singer took out a personal loan to begin making good on the pledges that listeners had made. With the recent declaration of bankruptcy from PledgeMusic, it seems likely she will never get the funds in order to pay those loans back.

At the urging of friends and fans, Dawn Michele has opened a PayPal link for fans who would like to help support her as she pays back her loans: www.paypal.me/DawnFireflight. Burtonwood Records, part of Joseph Rojas’s Nashville Label Group (also housing Rockfest Records), has also signed Dawn to assist with distributing Surrender when it does release.

Despite the difficulties, Dawn is doing everything she can to fulfill fans’ orders. To continue to support her on her journey, follow Dawn Michele on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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