Skillet Premieres ‘Legendary’ Music Video on

Skillet has released the official music video for “Legendary,” lead single from upcoming album Victorious, exclusively via

“The lyrics are a call to make your life matter. You’re realizing you have a chance for your life to count every day,” Skillet’s frontman John Cooper shared with People. “In a sense, we’re all destined to be forgotten, so live the way you want and don’t turn your back on who you are. I drew the sentiment from my own career. We’ve always put our heads down and pushed forward when confronted with adversity.”

The video is part of the increasing hype building behind the album’s August 2 release. This will be the 10th studio album from the multi-platinum selling rockers, who are still riding high from the 2016 success of Unleashed and “Feel Invincible.”

Skillet will be maintaining their usual relentless touring schedule in support of Victorious, hitting the road with Sevendust and then Alter Bridge. All tour dates are available at To keep up with Skillet, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Source: The M Collective

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